Hey guys! I missed my blog so much... Not even sure if anyone still read my blog though. I'm in second year I have interview for my internship on Monday. Nervous because this will be my very first time interview. I'm getting old am I? being an adult just scary to me. I had been sick for almost 2 weeks last few months, back and forth to clinic taking blood, medicine and stay at home. I was so weak.

Ever since that till now I don't really have actual time to spent on this blog but I do vlog on my youtube because for me that is easier and last month, I have been frequently updated there. I went to the Orphanage for the first time it was fun the kids are cute. I been inactive on my social media too. Just a busy year this year for sure. 

I have few post that I want to update but till now I feel unmotivated to blogging but I still want to continue just it will be slowly. I know its a commitment but I don't want to feel pressure and i'm not that famous blogger to have people help me update and take picture. Its all me from scratch. I'm not complaining my life or anything I just want it to be sincere especially on my blog because its my passion. 

Hope you yes you the one reading this from top till almost end. Thank you really thank you for your time. I hope you have a great week ahead. I'll see you soon x.