How I Style: Hints Of Red

"Bonjour Madame"

Can you believe it's already my last series on How I Style: White Trousers. First of all, I hope you guys enjoy the content and hoping somehow you'll get a bit inspirations and tips from this series. If you guys enjoy, please let me know. I might doing it more in the future despite my awkward pose.

Blaze on
If you aren't sure what to wear on Monday, wear a blazer. Instantly you'll look from 0 to 10. Instead of plaid, I wear this polka dot-ish Monki blazer. You got a sudden meeting? I got you fam.

Graphic T's
I just feel like whenever I wear Graphic T's it's such a conversation starter especially if you're wearing your favorite band or iconic person but this one is from Stylenanda and red always accentuate on black and white.


I love wearing blazer with sneakers because it doesn't look too formal or like you just walk from job interview. This is my favorite and the most expensive sneakers I ever bought so far and it worth every penny and it's leather. I realize I got few stares on this shoes but well it deserved the stares and they're from Common Projects.

WHERE — Kuala Lumpur
PHOTO — Sarah Hadi 

See you soon!
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