Shades Of Yellow

"Look Ma, I'm wearing yellow."

What do I know.. that now I'm wearing colors. If you ask me back on 2013, I will disagree or vomit.

"Enjoy your sunny side up" says the guy at the booth. Bought this when I was at Riuh. You can find pantun pins on their Instagram and website.

Oh honey, me and you tonight it's a date. Do I need to explain more on this?. 

Not gonna lie it COS a lot, get it?. COS make the best minimal accessories ever but the ring I bought just make my finger sweaty. I guess my finger need a room to breath.

My love towards stripes is endless and nobody can stop my obsession with it! so I bought this shirt in this color and black. Monki have the softest shirt I guess.

See you!
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