How I Style: White Trousers

Working inner Parisian Chic in humid weather.

My first styling series, I'll be doing this for 3 weeks / post so make sure stay tuned!. I always adore French woman style. They always look so effortless chic but with this humid weather, can I still make it work?.

Stripes shirt is a must

Stripes shirt is a staple in my wardrobe, I have a lot of stripe shirt which is different. That's why I can't stop buying stripe shirt. This one I got from Monki, it's so comfortable.

Please don't stain again
I have one white trousers from ZARA unfortunately, it's stain while I wash it in the washing machine though no trousers can replace it, it's a commitment when you have white garment. This one is from Mango.

White on white 
Just a fashion tip that I always do, I always pick the same color shoes to match with my bottom. Heels from Kulet.

WHERE — Kuala Lumpur
PHOTO — Sarah Hadi 

See you next week!
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