Shades Of Dusty Pink

shades of color
I'm going to make a series called Shades Of Color. Basically I'll pick my favorite item of that shades. Let's start with my favorite color which is Dusty Pink.

Favorite face sheet mask with figs, what more can I say?.
They have tons of selection according to your skin.
It's very hydrating, well that it supposed to do.

Kulet is my first love local brand shoes ever!
They have a minimal design but very limited stock. I have been wanting 
one of their shoes but it been sold out for 3 times and I still didn't get a chance.
That's the only thing I disappointed but their quality isn't bad at all.

3INA / Mina
I love everything about this brand. First, they're vegan. Second, they have tons of selection of colors. It's heaven, I swear. I have 3 item so far. This particular shade I have for the lipstick is 505 and eyeshadow 117. I love the liquid lipstick so much!.

fenty beauty
You guys know how much I love Fenty so I don't think I need to explain more because I did a review before, do check. I have in a shade single.

Gotta have my colourpop members, obvi. This one in a shade, Lychee Me. I love this lipgloss so much. Usually, I'll apply on top of my MAC Velvet Teddy.

See you!
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