happy new year!

Where do I begin? I hope everyone had a great first week of 2018, if not it's ok we have a long way to go. It's a bit late for me to start new year post as everyone already did but there's a lot of thing going on so I have to settle the priorities of course. Photo above was taken in London, early last year and I thought to use as sum up of last year and welcoming this year.. ah ha!

Are you ready? because I'll flashback highlight of last year!. Early last year, I ended my internship at game apps company right after that I flew for the first time to London, you can check that I make City Guides post. Few months after that I lost 2 of my relatives but I got to spend Ramadhan and Eid with my parents (alhamdulillah). Had my first and last exhibition in University not long after that I graduated in BA Professional Design & Communication. Rough semester ever.

I'm blessed with 12 cats. Attended family and friends wedding. I went to Jakarta for my good friend wedding (first time seeing her too, we know each other through Instagram) and if you read the previous post yes, I'm her bridesmaid. Jakarta is like Malaysia I'll say, rich of foods!. I love Bakmi so much!. I went performing Umrah overwhelmed, couldn't believe I get a chance to go again. Last but not least I become a bridesmaid again to my Kazakhstan friend. 

Thank you, god, for giving me opportunity to travel and meet people from different background. Which give me a lot of lessons, experience as well good friend. Thank you to my parents for always surrounding with your blessing and love, which I couldn't ask more. Friends who were beside me when I'm in "dilemma". Thank you 2017, now... let's rock on 2018!

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