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In the name of god / Bismillah

First of all, I hope you're doing well. This is such an anxious and heavy topic for me to opened up but  I decided to because it's the harsh reality. Each one of us experiences a different kind of problems and situation so I'll begin back when I was Diploma. I was a little comfortable with myself  (as in study) because I thought I already hit the limitations but one day it changes my life when I saw 3 of my seniors did a presentation. Apparently, they were well-known students around my faculty so I work extra and stay back most of the time with my lecturer to learn more than what they teach during the period. 

Without anyone help, I do most of the thing by myself and since I'm the only female in my course, it's more pressure than you think. I thought to myself, if they can do I can and I always try to do something that out of my comfort zone. When my colleagues or lecturer told me that I might be failing or it will be hard because it's different, I'll be excited. Rather than I'm happy that I get good marks, I'm happier because the satisfaction of hard work that I spent on. Then there's started rumors... Well, what can I say their masculinity is so fragile. Gurl.... snap snap

Depressed & Toxic People

On my last semester of Diploma till the second year of Degree was not the best year. Unfortunately, wherever you go there will be negative and toxic people. I surrounded by negative people that it's affecting so much into my life. They make my life miserable. There are no rays of sunshine. I was depressed and insecure most of the time. When my condition at it worst, I burst into cry. At class? public? I have done it all. That time I couldn't even control myself anymore. I became very sensitive to little things.

Now that social media is taking over from our life, its one of the reasons. If I'm feeling mushy mushy negative vibe I will do deep cleansing from all my social media.  Focus on myself more, my family, I will do things to de-stress. Now that I know what's the best for myself, I'm far from "bad vibes". Finding a friend or someone that trustable, supporting you is very important and it helps you get through it. I have faith in my religion and I believe that I'm focusing more on that I become more peaceful. Everyone has a different way but I would like to share with you. I hope all my readers get through whatever obstacle you're facing it. Never stop believing and don't put others down just because you don't experience it because I know most of "them" are way too comfortable with their life so they lack respect and understanding.

 From bottom of my heart, I really appreciate that you did read till here. Until my next post! 

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