Bags Of 2017

Was thinking if I'm too early to do this 
nevertheless, I have fashion items to start our November.
Let's talk about bags, shall we?. Ok, I'm particular when comes 
to a bag, I'll look into the material, space, durability and trends.


Usually, when I'm travelling I don't wear handbag.
I wear my ol' trusty backpack when I was school. Obviously, I need a new one. 
Got this biker backpack from Marc Jacobs. It's quite versatile 
and I can fit pretty much all my travel essentials; dslr, phone, 
passport, purse, water bottle some miscellaneous. 
The fabrics are durable and water resistant.

2 in 1

Gucci has been overrated but Slyvie's, in my opinion,
is a timeless piece. It's so chic. I can wear to an event or just
when I'm out to the mall. It comes with a leather strap but usually, I wear
ribbon strap for formal and I added this strap from Marc Jacobs.
Despite the chain detailing, it's quite light.
I can fit my iphone7 plus, purse and 
lipstick of the day.

See you soon!
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