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Where to eat, stay and explore in Jakarta

Those who didn't know I just got back from Jakarta, Indonesia yesterday. Basically one of my friend who's living there got married and I'm her bridesmaid. As usual, i'll be doing my city guides. 

Bare in mind, I was there just for her wedding so I didn't explore that much even in central Jakarta but I hope it will help you a bit for the first time.  Honestly, there's not much I do besides eat. Those I'll mention is based recommendation from my friends who are living there or used to. I'll divide into few sections as you see below.

Alila Jakarta
Jalan Pecenongan Kav. 7-17
It's like around 10 mins to the mall and 30 mins to airport.

I didn't buy my sim cards at the airport because our driver told that it was more expensive so he brought to like cheaper alley shop? 100RP for 10GB by Telkomsel (simPATI). Ok, I was having a hard time about to activate my 4g/LTE and my friend helped me not sure what she did but in the end, everything was smooth.

Make sure to download Go-Jek app before you get your sim card. Go-Jek is like one stop for everything!. You can order food delivery, go-car (kinda like uber), Bluebird (taximeter) and so much more. You can pay cash and make sure to pay nicely enough because they won't give change. 

I only went to Grand Indonesia. You can go to Alun-Alun to find Indonesian Batik, everything is beautiful but expensive. You can go to Pancious and Beau for a cafe. Go to their food court for local taste and go to their ground floor grocery shopping. Meanwhile, Plaza Indonesia is mostly for a high-end designer.

As for the language, even though Malay and Indonesian not much difference but certain yes, so I didn't expect to have a hard time to understand them. For the people it just neutral, probably because we don't look much like foreigner.

Ok, for Muslim there are certain shops sells pork so don't think everything is halal. For those who don't know Nasi Campur mostly contain pig unless it's from Minang. Now, what I ate..

See you!
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