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Happy belated birthday, lovebirds! 

I realized some of my readers keen on my personal post based on previous post so of course, I'm delighted to share with you. This post is dedicated to my parents as it is their birthday week/month. Before I start to the content of the title here's a bit fact about them. 

My parents are actually kind of related as in family. They were born just apart a week but not the same year. They had arranged marriage but both of them happy, till now.

Affection My relationship with my parents is so close. We show our affection to each other. We hug, we kiss on the cheek like almost every day. Actually, I'm glad that they raised me in that way because I know people who aren't close to their parents they feel embarrassed to hug or to show their love to them and when they're gone, they regret.

Patience  I have seen them cry, I have seen people lie to them and all but one thing for sure they both are patience and they always give people second chance or more. I don't know how they do it but it gives a huge impact on me and with all my respect for them for being such. They always teach me this even from I'm small so when if I want something and they couldn't get it for me, I wouldn't throw my tantrum or force them, cheeky ha? haha but it's good. 

Sharing  Although I'm growing up with no siblings, my parents always taught me to share. Especially when it comes to food. I think this should implement all parents out there so from here they won't be selfish. You must teach your kids from small, not when they all grown up. You can't soften what's harden, right?. Don't be selfish ok.

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