Life Changing

Oh gosh!
How long I haven't logged into my blog. As you can see from the title and the picture, yes I did accomplish one of my goals. First of all, my first picture appearance in this blog?. Second, might not be surprising but I lost my interest in blogging. That is why I had been on hiatus as well hustling my final year project. I find sharing my experience or a bit more to personal post does make me excited and as much as I did, I hope my readers too!

Praise to the god, for everything so far. I ended my internship, still get to celebrate Ramadhan and eid with my family. I had an exhibition for final year project, few interview and in that few, I learned a lot. I graduated together with H (first appearance on this blog). I had 4 kittens known as my kids, they are almost 2 months old. A lot of traveling, compare past years. And now, as Do Bong Soon said I'm job seeker..

I think this is the point of my life that it will change after twenty-three years depending a lot towards to my parents. I'm slowly handling my parents part of responsibilities. Apart from that, people keep asking when will I settling it down. Got invited a lot of wedding reception of my friend, family that around my age. I will be into as they called it "The Reality Of Life", that ain't that easy as it seems. Work, money that's all in my mind. The reality isn't beautiful as we portray on Instagram. But anyway..

Meet my parents and the day of How I meet my boyfriend parents haha. The night before graduation I was a bit nervous to think how do I say to them, what should I say all that but I was quite shocked I was so smooth and the rest was history *wink. Back to my parents, I remember the night my mom accompany me doing my assignment on other night my dad's turn to accompany me. The time they gave me brilliant ideas, encouragement when I'm down. Nothing can ever replace them!

So.. you see that handsome young man with cat ear? yeap, that's H. Back to the first time we met, the earliest memories of him.. he had this long blonde messy hair, that covers his eyes (its like I'm talking to his hair) and he always wears cap eww but ironically I fall to him, ha! That was 2012 but we started to be serious on end of 2014. Guys, when you went to same class with your partner and even a group project together, you will learn a lot!. He sees me stressing and I see him stress. We teach each other, we pull if one of us almost fall. We can tell if one of us having a bad mood, hungry. There's so much more, the fact that isn't easy to learn accept your partner because we all different but do not ever forget to give and take.

I would like to surprise him when he read my blog, thank you for being beside me from the beginning till now. You know how much I care about you despite all the bad things we had been through. Ok now, where's my handbag?.

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