The Body Shop Skincare

Today I will share my skincare routine. I started using The Body Shop from my mom. She been using The Body Shop since she was young. We basically share the same products. We have dry skin and it's extremely annoying. Whatever we used it still not effective but currently we are using these products so here's are my routine.

1. Drops Of Light, Liquid Peel
I only wear once a week only when my skin really oily. Put a generous amount on the face, massage till all peel and rinse.

2. Drops Of Youth Concentrate
I apply this after toner, let it sink before I continue the next step. I love this a lot, smells good as well.

3. Oils Of Life Facial Oil
I slather this when I was in flight to London. It lasts very long.. 13 hours flight! but I'm not a fan to apply makeup on top of this even so once in a while I'll layer it.

See you soon!
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