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What's poppin
Welcome to my colourpop collection but I think I will stop here.. for now (lie) I might order from their new collection tomorrow. Here's the thing, since I can consider as collection why not I share and do a review but only their super shock shadow for today. I'm sure you want to hear my thoughts, ja?.

1st row
  • Truth (Satin) I wear this as a based then i'll apply other color it does enhance the color. Also, One of the most soft eyeshadow *lift eyebrow*.
  • Jinxie (Pearlized) Nothing much to say because it is perfect gold and it doesn't have flaky gold texture.
  • Weenie (Pearlized) This is my favorite shadow.. Copper? ok not so sure the color, but it is so beautiful I swear! I always wear this together with any brown color on my crease.
  • Sequin (Metalic) The shade quite similar to Weenie. I can't tell the difference but this have more texture.

2nd row
    • Brady (Matte) At first I bought as his own, second time it is in collection which I can't remember. Usually i'll use this color for blending/transition.
    • Elixir (Matte) A beautiful tangerine and it's in the face kind of color
    • Muse (Pearlized) Not gold not pink but its in between? beautiful indeed. One of most worn, as you can see from the photo.

    3rd row
        • Seeker (Matte) Its dark purple I will say, use as transition/blending great for smoky as well.
        • Static (Pearlized) Purple glitter! I actually tried to do eye look using these 3 colors; Seeker, Static, Paradox and I look amazing haha.
        • Paradox (Satin) A little goes along the way so bright omg

        ATTENTION: I use my fingers to apply the shadows. Personally any matte eyeshadow I prefer to use brush but since colourpop matte shadow quite tricky so I use my finger except for matte bright color.

        See you soon!
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