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As I promise I will blog City Guides to London so I spent a total of eight days in London, mainly Central London. Here’s what I did, I hope it somehow help any of you that planning to travel here for the first time. 

Accomodation: La Suite West Hotel, London
                                     41-51 Inverness Terrace, London W2 3JN, UK

Transport: Underground/Tube, Bus, Taxi (AddisonLee). These are the main transportation when I was there and I walked a lot!!. You need Oyster card to ride tube, train and bus. I bought for one week pass for like GPB38 (Area 1 & 2) and you can get oyster card on underground station. I heard a lot of people are using Uber but its hard if you are planning to pay cash especially if you are from the airport. I struggle to get Uber and so I found AddisonLee. You can download the app to your phone. It work like Uber but easier in my opinion. (Don't forget  to download Citymapper).  

People / Culture: If you are first time there, make sure to go on the side which less people when if you are looking for a map or you aren't sure where to go. From what I see compare to where I live, people in London walk fast. I'm not sure why or is it just because most of them just taller than me.. I got quite few stares for wearing hijab. I experience once, a guy curse me. Just aware of your surroundings especially beggars.

Halal: For muslims I will say its not hard to find halal food. Near Bayswater station there's halal Subway, Malaysian cuisine, Indian, Arabian. Not to say the hotel that i'm staying the food there are also halal. Sausages and turkey bacon for breakfast? yes please. I remember after walked from Tower of London there's halal food truck that sell baked potato with chili and cheese. 

FoodAt least once you must try Burger & Lobster GPB106 (3 and drinks) , I went the one near Harvey Nichols and you have to queue. Sketch, Laduree for afternoon tea. Bayswater station for Asians cuisine. London are famous with Fish & Chips so go try. Fresh fruits is a must (if you are from Asia haha). Their cherries, figs, grapes are so huge!.

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