Collection: Lipsticks 2016

Hey guys, i'm back!. Hectic months ever but it doesn't stop me or giving up to share with you especially on makeup just that it will be slow than usual so here are my review on my small lipstick collection. Out of 5 I only have this one lipstick that i'll be sharing today I have one from NARS but the look of the lipstick let just say ugly haha so i'm not going to include in this post. Others are liquid lipstick. For swatches I did a video on my youtube. If you are interested you can check it out.

pink plaid
My first product from MAC though because I am more to NARS. Anyway, the colour washed me out. I just bought the wrong colour for myself but it does applied smoothly. I would say satin finish and it is pigmented. Texture are fine, leave a stain of course. It just I don't think I look good in it.

Its my first product from Colourpop too. I thought it wont be that bad in terms of the dryness but I judge it wrongly. It crump my lips I mean so dry and I don't like. Hard to remove which I think its great for long term. Colour are weird on me haha it look so brown, dirt but I still wear. I saw a lot of girl wear and they kill it but not on me but it dries very quick.

lolita 2
Hands down! one of the best or yet liquid lipstick ever??. I wear this almost every single day. It is sooo comfortable. Colour compliment my skin tone, smell are great. Easy to apply just one thing it transfer but I don't mind but of course if for a matte liquid lipstick it supposed to stay longer than typical lipstick still I don't mind I love love this. get it? I love it!. Even if I don't apply lip balm it doesn't dry so much like Colourpop.

Everything about this are so-so except of course there's con in everything so when it dry look ugly.. Colour are great, pigmented. Easy to apply. Quite long last, its matte. Boyfriend love the colour on me haha and I like too and usually I mixed with Anastasia (below) because I don't like too pink on me it just my preference but wear as it is are fine too.

Here's come to the end but first thing I want point out hard to remove if you watch my swatches video I was in pain to remove the lipstick. Colour are nice, smell nothing really bothers me. Quick dry but still its fine than Colourpop. I think Colourpop are the driest than all my collection. That's it for today hope help any of you, see you soon!

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