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How are you guys? feel like I haven't blog for such a long time. The story begin with.. my mom back from work and she told me that she booked flight to Bangkok, yup that's how it begin haha. Usually my family trip we always plan way way back but this time called out "let's go for adventure!". I will share my experience, place to eat (plus Halal) and of course pictures!.

One of thing you should be aware is their scam so make sure search and read about it! (scroll down for our experience). I never feel afraid for holiday but this trip yes. I don't want to make my readers scared but don't take this lightly. We arrived around 7/8pm, after claim my luggage we straight rent a wifi. If you plan to go by taxi from airport to your hotel or you going to place that need to use a taxi. I suggest rent so you can check Google Maps for the road incase the taxi scam you and bring to other place. I took airport taxi (pay at the airport) when i'm about to go into taxi, worker (same company for the taxi) helping us and he ask for tip. We all shock because if its at my country the workers wont ask and since we don't want to make any scene over there or anything, we gave him. Even though, that's his job and I straight asked my boyfriend and he said its like that. Taxi won't ask for tip and if you take meter taxi you have to pay for the highway. Make sure always have small change for the taxi..

We stay at Hansar Hotel. Hands down! one of best hotel I have been. Their suites so comfy and their services I give 10/10. Their minibar are free and everyday in the afternoon they come and ask you if you need anything and in the room they have greenwall that just perfect after long day you explore their city. Also, our hotel near the BTS (Sky Train) Ratchadamri station. It's cheaper and safer from scam. If you are muslim stop by at Nana station I saw a lot Halal food but I din't get chance to explore that part since I have my parents with me. They need to rest.

picture shown @ artbox

First day we arrived we din't go out since we arrived late and tired. We brought food from home and that's all for first night/day. On second day we went to Chatuchak Market/Jatujak its a weekend market. We took taxi from the hotel even though I use Google Maps yet we got scam by the taxi. He stop by on the side road and a bit far from the market and he show that the market is on the other side of the road which is I see nothing and he talk nonsense and make it long and so while he was talking the meter is running and he don't want drive us to the market and we have to pay more than we shouldn't! (171bath include tol). Wifi is life saver I don't believe what he said about the market so we walked and honestly its not cheap the stuffs over there for a bargain market. If you want to get discount you have to buy a lot and show them calculator because some of them can't speak english. For a muslim yes there's Halal food I only saw one vendor and they selling kebab and rice (230bath). We bought and its nice. If you want to buy their mango sticky rice (50bath) just make sure its clean. We went back to hotel using BTS.

Artbox they have two section for foods and miscellaneous. Mostly, youngster went there. It wasn't that cheap. Foods they have from Korean to Western to Seafoods. For a muslim sadly, there's no Halal food over there. Its quite uncomfortable since there's alcohol, pork everywhere and dog but I just want to see the environment but we still bought food BUT you need to ask them what kind of oil they using and there's scallops and mussel (328bath) lobster burger (400bath) vendor that we went use olive oil and waffle vendor that use vegetable oil if not mistaken. Make sure you ask because there's other seafood vendor but they using animal based oil!.

Third day we went to the famous with tourist floating market. Went there with meter taxi (2000bath) from hotel. Ticket boat they charge (1000bath) person. I heard from my tour guide (for the next day we took) they will charge more especially from tourist from Europe/US/UAE. Everything they sell there its not cheap either because tourist!. I saw one vendor that selling Halal food and they have rice and noodle if not mistaken. Other's vendor/shop for food they mostly selling pork or fruits. On the tour they will bring you to temple since Bangkok known for it and they have thousands of temple!.

Siam Paragon just basic luxury mall that every country have. From Dior to Zara everything. Went there with BTS and had dinner at (Royal India) Halal indian food total around (1720bath). Bare in mind nothing cheap over there of course and one more shop (Cafe Fish) they aren't halal but they use vegetable oil and total were around (1960bath).

We suggested by the hotel concierge for the Grand Palace to take a tour instead because there will be an english speaker guide that will explain and I think if we go ourself I don't think we can make it. Tight security, there's lot of gates and divided tourist and local and there's a lot of scam if you seem lost. If you saw people selling stuffs outside from the palace and if you ask the price but you din't buy my tour said they will scream and force you. You will be facing with the tourist from China which is most of them very loud, pushy and disrespect to the palace. I saw these myself and I have been push by them and so on. Be patient as my tour guide said. Despite that the Grand Palace itself was so beautiful with gold and everything. Don't talk bad about their king because its like god to them!. That's all for today, I hope you enjoy it and maybe help some of you that plan to go there. There will be a video and things I bought there.

See you!
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