Aesop Mask Review

How's everybody?
The weather these days are so cruel to our body and skin so make sure take care of yourself, don't be like me on snapchat yesterday haha. I usually just put mask from Sephora or any other korean shop if my skin flaky but with the weather like these its dry up so fast and its not helping much because I loss all the oil so I have a new routine and so far its good.

At first I just want to restocked my serum I have been using the same serum for quite long time which is Oil Free Facial Hydrating. By the way, this is my third bottle. The worker consult me he ask what is my skin type and I said dry and he recommend me other serum and this one for combination but then I said I have been using these I just want to restocked them and he ask what else do I put with the serum and so I said I put the serum first then I put my The Face Shop sleeping mask and its good but after that would be dry. Then he suggest not to put everyday, its not good. It can be dry from that too if too much products. He suggest put with this Damascan Rose Facial Treatment its an oil. The combination of these two can be sleeping mask and its for extremely dry skin. Put few drops of the serum then one drop of the oil and mix put on your face and he said if serum/oil dap it.  For the oil the scents quite strong it doesnt smell like rose at all to me but it does the work yet my skin still dry but less. Either I have to wait longer or its nothing have to do with it it just I have to drink lots of water or actually I need to put less haha. I still wear my mask on any other day. Almost forgot if I don't wear at night I will wear before I apply makeup.

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