Cheat Snacks

Hello Feb! I supposed encourage people to eat healthy but you know everyone must have their cheat day, don't be so serious when it comes to life or in my case everyday is cheat day hahah. I just don't really count what I eat but when I feel like my body unhealthy I stop eating junk foods. This is not sponsored post, I just love the food from Marks & Spencer so here's some my new favourite;  

All Hail Tea! Beside Earl Grey tea this Chinese tea that I drink. At first I put abit brown sugar in it because i'm afraid if I can't drink but now I don't put any sugar. It is good and freshing. 

To be honest I can just do this by myself but I went all out being lazy on cheat day and the chocolate really rich, love it! 

My dad choose this and at first I was judging this really bad haha but then it's addicting so be careful very dangerous! and if you know Khloe Kardashian her biscuits jar I really want to put like that but i'm afraid ant will come and steal. After I took this picture it went in my mouth ofc!.  

See you!
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