New Year Haul

Hey guys i'm back! No excuses let just be frank here that I was major lazy last year and handling so much stuffs so I kinda forgot my blog but not completely. Eventho I was away I took so many picture to post but I din't post until today I remember to do lol. Anyway, its kinda late but Happy New Year everyone. 

First re-stocked my bodycare which is Aesop Geranium Leaf Duet or I call it Spa in the box, it really smell like in Spa. In that green box is a set of body balm and body cleanser. I love the smell of these duo and the body cleanser doesn't make my skin feel tight, that's good. At night everytime before sleep I will apply body balm. 

I have been looking so many products that sell deodorant that no alcohol and no perfume basically natural like this one from Aesop. It have spice and woodsy smell. At first I don't like the smell but as time goes I can adapt the smell. Plus when I sweat I can see the difference between the one have perfume on, it doesn't make unpleasant odour.

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