Pretty In Pink

I'm sharing all the products that I have been using a lot these past month. Sharing is Caring right?.

Boom! Just look at the colours hmm nice. This is my second eye shadow palette believe it or not. I'm not a makeup junkie. I know most of you have more than me. Anyway, if you don't have this should check them at Sephora its by Too Faced. I wear it for few times so far the pigmentation were good and you can make from natural pinkish to smoky eyes. I wear this to a date and got compliment from him. 

Urban Decay make best lip and eye pencil. I wear it everyday especially for the lip. Here's some tip I wear Benefit lip tint first then I apply the lip pencil on top of it. Its my new favourite lip colour or known as Kylie Jenner lip colour haha. Whats good it compliment my lip because I have brown lip. Urban Decay eye pencil is really smooth and all just great. Super slim eye liner by Stylenanda are great too if you want really thin line. Its not waterproof but it does job like one also mean hard to take off to be honest.

Excuse the dirtiness but that's prove i'm using it right haha. On a day I want to look like a bronze goddess I wear this blusher from NARS in Luster.  

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