Road Trip To Penang

I end my 2015 with a road trip to Penang & Taiping, Malaysia on my birthday which is on 19th December. It was my first time went there like for real. Last time I went when I was 12 years old, for a school trip but we only stop there for nothing literally nothing... no idea why my teachers do that. Anyway, here are some of the photos I took I didn't take a lot, I was really enjoying the view rather than too busy clicking my camera.  

Real tourist with a map. We walk for like 2 hours for the Street Art but we didn't complete all because it's so tiring. Some rent bicycle but we walk and sweat the hell of it burn all the calories after eating so much food at the hotel. Also, I recommend going to Flamingo Hotel, Tanjong Bungah for their oyster. You can't find anywhere else the way they did.  

I always fear of height, even on the second-floor building I will not close to any side that I can see height but it never stops me trying and face my fear and so I did parasailing at Penang. I don't have a proper picture to show because my parent's skill of photography is too good (just kidding) they record a video but ya it was a great experience. I won't forget this. If you haven't reached here you are missing something hehe.

See you soon!
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